Dopp AL, Moulton JR, Rouse MJ, Trewet CLB. A Five-State Continuing Professional Development Pilot Program for Practicing Pharmacists. Am J Pharm Educ. 2010; 74(2): Article 28.

Researchers examine the use of CPD in a randomized, placebo-controlled trial involving pharmacists from five states. The intervention group was involved in learning, goal setting, and reflection consistent with a CPD model. Both control and study group received an online training course on the basics of CPD prior to being randomized. Once randomized to study group, participants enrolled in an ACPE-accredited certificate program, allowing CE credit to be earned. This group also attended live workshops 3 times during the study. The placebo-controlled cohort was not instructed to enroll in any specific program nor invited to participate in live sessions. After one year, all participants were asked to complete a survey. The goal was to gather information on identifying learning needs, planning learning needs, participation in learning activities and programs, documentation and evaluation. Results indicate with appropriate training, pharmacists were able to use CPD to support their lifelong learning and professional development needs.