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Founded as the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) in 1932, the agency's name was changed to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education in 2003.  ACPE initially established standards for the baccalaureate degree in pharmacy, and then added the doctor of pharmacy standards as an alternative and in 2000 announced the conversion to the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) as the sole entry-level degree for the profession of pharmacy. In 1975, ACPE developed standards for the approval (now, accreditation) of providers of continuing pharmacy education and in 1999 developed additional standards for the CE providers who were conducting certificate programs in pharmacy.

ACPE’s International Services Program (ISP) was established in February 2011. It was created to strengthen ACPE’s ability to assist international stakeholders who seek guidance related to quality assurance and advancement of pharmacy education. ACPE had experienced a steady and growing demand from global stakeholders, including governments, professional organizations, quality assurance bodies, and colleges and schools of pharmacy, in this regard. Although ACPE had been providing some of these services on an ad hoc basis for nearly 20 years, the creation of ISP provided a formal structure to enable ACPE to efficiently and effectively respond to these requests for guidance. ISP offers certification to pharmacy degree programs based outside the United States, and provides consultancy and training upon request. ISP has an International Commission (IC) and an Internal Services Program Advisory Group (ISPAG) that operate in advisory capacities to the ACPE Board of Directors and Staff on issues related to international activities. For a historic listing of members of the International Commission and the ACPE Staff responsible for managing the activities of the ISP, please click here.

ACPE has been recognized continually by the U.S. Department of Education since the inception of its accreditation agency recognition program in 1952 and was recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation in April, 2004.
For a historic listing of members of the ACPE Board of Directors and executive staff, please click here.



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