Welch LH, Bonner CL, Augustine JM, Duke LJ. Academic success plans in advanced pharmacy practice experiences to promote self-awareness and improve performance. Curr Pharm Teach Learn. 2019 Apr;11(4):321-328.

Due to limited evidence regarding interventions for students struggling during advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs), two schools developed a formal process of assigning academic success plans (ASPs) to APPE students with deficits in preceptor-documented performance. ASPs were assigned to those who had “needs development” for the same learning outcome during more than one APPE, poor overall performance during an APPE, or documented professionalism issues. Average scores improved in 9 out of 12 learning outcomes among students who completed an ASP (p<0.05), supporting the use of ASPs to promote self-awareness, reflection, and development of “CPD ready” graduates.