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Continuing Professional Development Activities Provided by Continuing Pharmacy Education Providers

This article describes existing CPE activities related to CPD offered by ACPE-accredited providers from 2018 through 2023. Content analysis identified 7 categories and 23 subcategories of activities. Of the 7 activity categories, only 3 had subcategories which reflected elements or components of CPD: precepting and teaching; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and CPD process and principles. [...]

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Promoting continuing professional development (CPD) through a novel CPD advanced pharmacy practice experience

The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education Standards 2016 and the Entrustable Professional Activities highlight the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) in pharmacy education. Furthermore, pharmacy graduates must self-direct their learning to sustain professional knowledge, skills, and practice. An advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) dedicated to CPD can help meet standards of pharmacy education and prepare students for a [...]

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Principles for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programs: A Statement by the ACPE CPD Advisory Committee

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has received increased attention within the pharmacy profession in the United States and is recognized as a potential pathway for ongoing professional development and practice transformation. Despite potential benefits of CPD, adoption in the United States has remained limited. A CPD program accreditation pathway, including principles, guidance, and a credit system [...]

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Advancing the Adoption of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the United States

Owen JA, Skelton JB, Maine LL. Advancing the Adoption of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the United States. Pharmacy. 2020; 8(3):157. In this review, the authors note the transition from a model of continuing pharmacy education (CPE) to a model of continuing professional development (CPD) is still evolving in the U.S. As pharmacists assume more complex [...]

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Implementing an Online Longitudinal Leadership Development Program Using a Leadership-Specific Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tool

Oyenuga G, Law M, Parbat M, Tofade T. Implementing an Online Longitudinal Leadership Development Program Using a Leadership-Specific Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tool. Pharmacy (Basel). 2020 May 6;8(2):79. In this article, a brief summary of different leadership opportunities around the globe are provided along with introduction of a continuing professional development process and tool for [...]

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Development of a Tool to Assess and Advance the Effectiveness of Preceptors: The Habits of Preceptors Rubric.

Larson S, Davis LE, Stevens AM, El-Ibiary S, Grice G, Pogge E, Raney E, Storjohann T. Development of a tool to assess and advance the effectiveness of preceptors: The Habits of Preceptors Rubric. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2019 Oct 15;76(21):1762-1769. The Habits of Preceptors Rubric (HOP-R) is a robust, systematic tool that identifies 11 [...]

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US and International Health Professions’ Requirements for Continuing Professional Development

Tran D, Tofade T, Thakkar N, Rouse M. US and International Health Professions ’ Requirements for Continuing Professional Development. Am. J. Pharm. Educ. 2014;78(6):Article 129. This article provides a summary of a number of CPD requirements and CE practices in both leading CPD/CE countries, as well as a variety of health professions. The authors discuss [...]

Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Education in Pharmacy: Global Report

International Pharmaceutical Federation – FIP (2014). Continuing professional development/continuing education in pharmacy: global report. The Hague, The Netherlands: International Pharmaceutical Federation. This article summarizes the findings of a global CPD survey conducted by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). The survey asked countries to identify their current CPD practices, including the current drivers at the national [...]

Lifelong Learning as a Professional Obligation

Haas CE, Lifelong Learning as a Professional Obligation. In: Murphy JE, ed. Resident Survival Guide. Lanexa, KA: American College of Clinical Pharmacy. 2011; 123-137. This article summarizes the process of CPD for pharmacy residents or students interested in residencies. It begins by stating the importance of life-long learning through examples. It explains the difference between [...]

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