A global evidence review of systemic factors influencing participation in pharmacy professional development activities

Changes to the pharmacy profession have meant that a pharmacy degree can no longer serve as an endpoint to professional training within pharmacy. Continuing learning and training are imperative in order to provide high-quality healthcare services. Investing in healthcare workers' education and training not only has a positive impact on employment rates and economic growth [...]

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The Benefit of Continuing Professional Development for Continuing Pharmacy Education

Wheeler JS, Chisholm-Burns M. The Benefit of Continuing Professional Development for Continuing Pharmacy Education. Am J Pharm Educ. 2018;82(3):6461. In this article, the authors advocate for a CE model that integrates more individualized and intentional CPD is necessary to meet the needs of today’s practitioners. Specific improvements for consideration include a shift beyond an attendance-based credit [...]

Advancing Learning to Advance Pharmacy Practice

Rouse MJ, Trewet CB, Janke KK. Advancing learning to advance pharmacy practice. J Am Pharm Assoc (2003). 2018 Mar-Apr;58(2):151-155. As pharmacy practice has rapidly progressed in the last decade, so too has the thinking around the value of CPD. Regular, robust, and intentional CPD is necessary to maximize lifelong learning, close practice gaps, and influence [...]

Making a curricular commitment to continuing professional development in Doctor of Pharmacy programs

Janke K, Tofade T. Making a curricular commitment to continuing professional development in Doctor of Pharmacy programs. Am J Pharm Educ. 2015;79(8):1-8. This statement describes the various skills involved in CPD and associated behaviors in order to help incorporate such experiences in the pharmacy curriculum. There are also several recommendations to take into consideration when [...]

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The Responsibility of Advancing Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Education Globally

Tofade T, Duggan C, Rouse M, Anderson C. The responsibility of advancing continuing professional development and continuing education globally. Am J Pharm Educ. 2015;79(2):16. This editorial examines the roles and responsibilities of accrediting bodies, professional associations, educators, and healthcare professionals in advancing CPD. The authors reference FIP’s global CPD report and praise its recommendation for [...]

President’s Message: Life-Long Learning in Pharmacy: From CE to CPD

Shlom EA. President’s message: life-long learning in pharmacy: from CE to CPD. J Pharm Pract. Dec 2014;27(6):591-2. In this article, the President of the New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists (NYSCHP) identifies current pharmacist and pharmacy technician CE practices within the state of New York, including minimum CE hour requirements and a growing emphasis [...]

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New Practitioner Engagement in Continuous Professional Development

Pardo J, Armitstead J. New practitioner engagement in continuous professional development. American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacy. 2014; 71 (10) 788-789. This article relays the opinions of the authors on the benefits of using CPD. They briefly discuss the core principles of reflection, planning, learning and evaluation of CPD, which leads into an explanation of why [...]

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Continuing Professional Development: the role of a regulatory board in promoting lifelong learning

Konstantinides, G. Continuing Professional Development: the role of a regulatory board in promoting lifelong learning. INNOV Pharm. 2010; 1(2):Article 14. This commentary discusses concerns regarding the delivery of CE, the vision of CE/CPD, and the regulation/evaluation of CE. It also discusses the role of Boards of Pharmacy in assuring pharmacists' competency and the history and [...]

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Continuing Professional Development: Don’t Miss the Obvious

Janke KK. Continuing Professional Development: Don’t Miss the Obvious. Amer J Pharm Educ. 2010; 74 (2): Article 31. This viewpoint briefly reviews CPD-related progress since 2003. The author argues that academics must not miss the opportunity to influence CPD by providing CPD-related didactic and experiential education and thereby graduating CPD-ready pharmacists. The author suggests that [...]

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Staying Focused on the Goal

Janke KK. Continuing Professional Development: Staying Focused on the Goal. Amer J Pharm Educ. 2003; 67(2): Article 50. This viewpoint outlines two major shortcomings in the current CE system: accountability and support. The author suggests CPD is an important concept, but that the real challenges comes in changing the system to accept this new learning. [...]

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