ACPE Continuing Education Self-Assessment Reporting System

After receiving feedback from providers regarding difficulties in formatting their electronic submissions in one PDF format, ACPE has now transitioned to an electronic report submission tool for you! All providers will submit their Comprehensive Self-Assessment report via ACPE’s new online platform, CESARS: Continuing Education Self-Assessment Report System!

CESARS future updates will include those submitting Interim Reports, First Reviews, Second Reviews, Progress Reports, and New Applications.

For the Provider: 

Login information will be provided by ACPE at least two months in advance. Providers can prepare their report in a word document and can copy and paste the information into the platform once access is granted. Additional formatting can be done using the editor in the platform.

Providers with questions please contact [email protected]

 For the Reviewer:

Login information will be provided with an assigned review. Reviewers with questions please contact [email protected]