Bellanger RA, Shank TC. Continuing Professional Development in Texas: Survey of Pharmacists’ Knowledge and Attitudes: 2008. J Am Pharm Assoc. 2010; 50(3): 368-374.

Researchers designed a survey to determine how Texas pharmacists felt about CPD. The survey was completed by 471 pharmacists (9.5% response rate). It was comprised of questions related to what inspires pharmacists to learn about pharmacy-related issues. Then the survey asked participants to rank which forms of CE best meet there needs. The third section focused on the respondent’s view of CPD. Men and women were equally as likely to respond to the survey, with the primary area of practice being community, government, or specialty-hospital. Of those who responded to the survey, 46% had never heard of CPD, although when prompted with four choices, 60% were able to select the correct definition. The results of the study indicate that pharmacists realize they need to continue education during their career, but a majority of pharmacists did not feel CPD had a role in their learning. Only 12% of pharmacists stated that they kept a written record of their learning.