Tofade T et al. Continuing Professional Development Training Program Among Pharmacist Preceptors and Nonpreceptors. J Am Pharm Assoc. 2010;50(6):730-735.

This study evaluated the administration of a condensed 5-hour CPD training program to 120 community pharmacists in North Carolina (where CPD is currently accepted by the Board of Pharmacy). Twenty-three of the pharmacists were preceptors and 97 were non-preceptors. The activity consisted of two hours of self-study and three hours of live programming. Pre-program surveys showed that preceptors accomplish their learning activities more often than non-preceptors. After the program, 100% of participants felt the activity enhanced knowledge and skill levels and information would enhance ability to improve patient care/outcomes. Seventy-one percent of respondents felt comfortable implementing CPD in their practice sites.