Continuing Professional Development for CPE Administrators

Per Policy 1.0, the CPE Administrator, and other professional staff, should maintain and enhance professional development by seeking to improve knowledge, skills and experience in the responsibilities related to competency areas for CE professionals. To support development, ACPE’s CPD workbook serves as a tool for Administrators to:

  • Conduct an annual self-assessment to identify areas for continued development and growth;
  • Document competency areas of focus for the coming year;
  • Record professional development activities completed; and
  • Perform an end-of-year reflection, triggering subsequent self-assessment and development.

The CPD workbook is to be shared as part of the provider’s comprehensive review process and/or ongoing monitoring of the CPE Program, as requested.

CPD Workbook for CPE Administrators

    ACPE Update: Status of CPD April 2022

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  • Overview of CPD Process for CPE Administrators 

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