Larson S, Davis LE, Stevens AM, El-Ibiary S, Grice G, Pogge E, Raney E, Storjohann T. Development of a tool to assess and advance the effectiveness of preceptors: The Habits of Preceptors Rubric. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2019 Oct 15;76(21):1762-1769.

The Habits of Preceptors Rubric (HOP-R) is a robust, systematic tool that identifies 11 habits of effective preceptors to help engage pharmacists in meaningful self-assessment of performance. The potential uses of the HOP-R are endless, from promoting preceptor development initiatives (e.g., within institutions, residency programs, or colleges of pharmacy) and utilization in local or national preceptor development workshops, to the creation of individualized CPD plans for lifelong professional learning. The authors conclude that intentional, ongoing integration of CPD and purposeful, repeated development of this habit is essential to the acquisition of desired behaviors and skills of effective preceptors.