American Academy of CME, Inc.

   American Academy of CME, Inc.

   American Academy of CME, Inc.

American Academy of CME, Inc.


John Juchniewicz


129 North County Line Road

Ste 329

Jackson, NJ 08527

Tel: (609) 921-6622

Fax: (609) 921-6428

E-Mail: jjuchniewicz@academycme.org

Web Site: www.academycme.org

Accreditation History

Review Cycle Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status
F2020 Comprehensive Review
F2014 Comprehensive Review Continued Accreditation Accredited
S2009 Interim Continue Approval Approved
F2008 Petition Continue Approval Approved
F2003 First Review Report Continue Approval Approved
F2002 Application Initial Approval Approved
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   American Academy of CME, Inc.