Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences of Long Island University


Joseph Bova

Director of Continuing Professional Education

21 Lewis Avenue


Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Tel: (718) 488-1065

Fax: (718) 780-4055


Web Site:

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Accreditation History

Review Cycle Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status
S2022 Comprehensive Review
S2017 Interim Report Continued Accreditation Accredited
S2016 Comprehensive Review Continued Accreditation Accredited
S2012 Interim Report Continued Accreditation Accredited
S2011 Progress Report Continued Accreditation Approved
S2010 Comprehensive Review Continued Accreditation Approved
S2004 Petition Continue Approval Approved
S2002 Interim Continue Approval Approved
S2000 Interim Continue Approval Approved
S1998 Petition Continue Approval Approved
S1995 Interim Continue Approval Approved
S1993 Progress Continue Approval Approved