East Tennessee State University Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy (PharmD)

P.O. Box 70414
Maple Ave., Building 7
Johnson City, TN 37614
Debbie C. Byrd, PharmD, MBA, BCPS
Dean and Professor
Tel:  423-439-6300
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web Site: etsu.edu/pharmacy/

Detailed PharmD Accreditation History

Review Period Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status Term Awarded Through
2031-2032 Comprehensive
2025-2026 Interim
2023-2024 Comprehensive Continued Accredited 06/30/2032
2019-2020 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2015-2016 Comprehensive Continued Accredited 06/30/2024
2013-2014 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2011-2012 Focused – Status Continuation Continued Accredited
2009-2010 Comprehensive – Advancement to Accredited Granted Accredited
2008-2009 Focused – Continuation of Candidate Status Continued Candidate
2007-2008 Comprehensive – Advancement to Candidate Granted Candidate
2006-2007 Comprehensive – Precandidate status Granted Precandidate
2005-2006 Application