Program(s)   Master of Science in Pharmacy (MPharm)
Address1   Near East Boulevard
City   Nicosia
Postal Code   99138
Country   Northern Cyprus
Dean’s Name   Ihsan Çaliş
Dean’s Title   Dean
Phone   +90 392 223 6464
Fascimile   +90 392 223 6461
Dean’s E-Mail
Web Site;

Certification History and Scheduled Future Monitoring:

Master of Science in Pharmacy (MPharm)

Review Period Review Type Board Action Certification Status
2022-2023 Comprehensive Visit
2021-2022 Interim Report Affirmed Certification
2021-2022 Administrative Term Extension Term Extended (Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic) Certification
2020-2021 Interim Report Affirmed Certification
2019-2020 Interim Report Affirmed Certification
2018-2019 Interim Report Affirmed Certification
2017-2018 Two-Years Post Certification Focused Visit* Continued Certification
2015-2016 Interim Report* Granted Certification
  Supplementary Update received January 4, 2016
2015-2016 Interim Report* Affirmed Provisional Certification (Category 1)
2014-2015 Focused Visit Continued Provisional Certification (Category 1)
2013-2014 Comprehensive Visit (for Initial Certification) Granted Provisional Certification (Category 1)
2013-2014 Board Authorization of Initial Evaluation Visit Authorized Visit Initial Evaluation Visit Authorized

* Standard requirement for programs granted initial Certification