Program(s)   Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
Address1   P.O. Box: 6800
City   Almelida, Buraydah City
Postal Code   51452
Country   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dean’s Name   Alsharidah Mansour Saleh,
Dean’s Title   Dean
Phone   +9666 3802267
Fascimile   +9666 3802268
Dean’s E-Mail
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Certification History and Scheduled Future Monitoring:

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Review Period Review Type Board Action Certification Status
2022-2023 Comprehensive Visit
2018-2019 Focused Visit* Continued Certification
2017-2018 Interim Report* Affirmed Certification
2016-2017 Comprehensive Visit (for Initial Certification) Granted Certification

* Standard requirement for programs granted initial Certification