South Carolina College of Pharmacy (PharmD)

280 Calhoun Street, P.O. Box 250141 (Charleston)
715 Sumter Street, Coker Life Sciences Bldg. (Columbia)
Charleston/ Columbia, SC 29425/29208
Stephen J. Cutler, PhD and Philip Hall, PharmD,
Tel:  843-792-8450/803-777-4151
Fax:  843-792-9081/803-777-2775
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Branch Campuses

Greenville, SC

Detailed PharmD Accreditation History

Review Period Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status Term Awarded Through
2019-2020 Program Closure Discontinued

Voluntary closure of the PharmD program after final graduating class. ACPE accreditation through November 1, 2019.

Discontinued 11/01/2019
2018-2019 Interim Accredited
2016-2017 Comprehensive Continued Accredited
2015-2016 Focused Affirmed

Columbia SC campus visit

2015-2016 Focused Affirmed

Charleston SC Campus visit

2014-2015 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2012-2013 Focused – Status Continuation Continued Accredited
2011-2012 Changed Term
2010-2011 Interim
2010-2011 Focused Affirmed Accredited
2010-2011 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2009-2010 Comprehensive – Advancement to Accredited Granted Accredited
2008-2009 Focused – Continuation of Candidate Status Continued Candidate
2007-2008 Interim Affirmed Candidate
2006-2007 Comprehensive – Advancement to Candidate Granted Candidate
2005-2006 Comprehensive – Precandidate status Precandidate
2005-2006 Application