VCU School of Pharmacy, Office of Continuing Education *


Cynthia Kirkwood

Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

R. Blackwell Smith Bldge, Sute 155

410 North 12th Street, P.O. Box 980581

Richmond, VA 23298-0581

Tel: (804) 828-8318

Fax: (804) 827-0002


Web Site:

Accreditation History

Review Cycle Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status
F2017 Progress Report
S2017 Progress Report Continued Accreditation Probation
F2016 Progress Report Continued Accreditation Probation
F2015 Progress Report Continued Accreditation Accredited
F2014 Comprehensive Review Continued Accreditation Accredited
S2014 Comprehensive Review Extension granted Approved
S2010 Interim Continued Accreditation Approved
S2009 Progress Continue Approval Approved
S2008 Petition Continue Approval Approved
S2004 Progress Continue Approval Approved
S2003 Interim Continue Approval Approved
S2002 Application Initial Approval Approved