Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy


309 E. Second Street

Pomona, CA 91766-1854
Daniel C. Robinson, PharmD
Tel: 909-469-5581
Fax: 909-469-5539
E-Mail: drobinson@westernu.edu
Web Site: www.westernu.edu/pharmacy/

Detailed PharmD Accreditation History

Review Period Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status
2020-2021 Comprehensive
2017-2018 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2014-2015 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2012-2013 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2012-2013 Comprehensive Continued Accredited
2011-2012 Interim Board Approved Extension Accredited
2008-2009 Focused Continued Accredited
2007-2008 Changed Term Board Approved Extension Accredited
2006-2007 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2005-2006 Comprehensive Continued Accredited
2002-2003 Focused Affirmed Accredited
2001-2002 Interim Continued Accredited
2001-2002 Focused Continued Accredited
1999-2000 Comprehensive Granted Accredited
1998-1999 Comprehensive Continued Candidate
1996-1997 Comprehensive Granted Candidate
1995-1996 Comprehensive Granted Precandidate