Bell HM, Maguire TA, Adair CG, McGartland CF. Perceptions of CPD within the pharmacy profession (2001). Int J Pharm Pract. 2001;9(suppl):R55.

This article very briefly presents the results of a 2001 questionnaire used to determine perceptions of CPD within the pharmacy profession. The questionnaire was given to 1,689 members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland and 407 responses were received. Seventy percent of respondents reported using CE rather than CPD in the prior year. Ninety percent of respondents agreed/strongly agreed that CPD is essential for practicing pharmacists to participate in. Difficulties in CPD participation were identified through the questionnaire and include: lack of time, remuneration and locum cover, location and type of courses provided, and lack of understanding about CPD. These difficulties were not quantified. Nearly 50% of respondents agreed that CPD should be mandatory, but few favored disciplinary action for enforcement.