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Accredited Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

ACPE does not currently accredit training programs for pharmacy technicians. However, a number of organizations and agencies are involved in accreditation of either pharmacy technician training programs, or academic institutions that offer pharmacy technician training programs. Not all training programs are accredited. Two forms of accreditation are possible:

Program accreditation, which focuses only on the pharmacy technician training program, is offered by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Full details of its accreditation standards, policies and procedures, and a directory of accredited programs, are available on the ASHP website www.ashp.org.

Institutional accreditation, which evaluates the institution as a whole, including all programs (but not in detail at the individual program level), is offered by a number of agencies, including ACCSCT, ABHES, ACICS, ACCET and COE. Details of accreditation policies, procedures, standards and accredited institutions can be obtained from their websites. Academic institutions offering pharmacy technician training programs may also be accredited by one of the regional accreditation agencies.

The role that ASHP has played in advancing the recognition, utilization, training and credentialing of pharmacy technicians cannot be overstated. A notable ASHP contribution has been the excellent work done, under the auspices of its Commission on Credentialing, in the accreditation of pharmacy technician training programs. Initially taken on in response to a need and a call by its membership for better standardization and quality assurance of pharmacy technician training programs, ASHP has been committed to maintaining and expanding this program of accreditation for over 20 years, despite the fact that only a minority of training programs are now hospital-based. Pharmacy technicians, employers, training programs, and the consumers of pharmacy services continue to benefit from this essential program and service.


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