What is a Universal Activity Number (UAN)?

A Universal Activity Number (UAN) is an identification number that is assigned to each
CPE activity developed and provided, or joint provided, by an ACPE-accredited provider. 

  • This is the number the provider uses to submit your credit to CPE Monitor
  • If you have issues or questions regarding a specific CE activity you took, the UAN will be needed to look up the information pertaining to the course and your credit

The ACPE UAN is formatted in a specific way with each section of the number providing you with important information. The information that is found within a UAN can help you determine if it is the right course for you as well as give you information that will help you identify who the provider is in the event you need to contact them.

  • UAN format: 1234-0000-21-001-L01-P/T
  • Breakdown of UAN format: Provider IDJoint ProvidershipYearSequence NumberFormat and Topic DesignatorPharmacist or Technician Designation

  • Home Study Format: Enduring content that does not have live interaction between the speaker and audience. These activities are valid for a maximum three years, and any date between the 3 year release and expiration date is a valid date of participation to claim credit
  • Live Format: Live interaction between the speaker and audience. While these activities are valid for a maximum three years, specific live dates and locations must be submitted and the learner can only claim credit on those specific live dates.
  • Home and Live Format: The same activity content is being conducted, but in two different formats. The first format (Live) is conducting the content at a live session with real-time speaker/audience interaction, and the second format (Home study) is a recording of that same live session posted as enduring content. Two UANs (same sequence number) will be generated if this selection is made. Learners attending the Home study session will receive Home study credit with the H-UAN, and the learners attending the live session will receive live credit with the L-UAN.
  • Certificate Program: Structured and systematic postgraduate educational experiences for pharmacists that are generally smaller in magnitude and shorter in time than degree programs, and that impart knowledge, skills, attitudes, and performance behaviors to meet specific pharmacy practice objectives.
    • The learner must complete ALL components of the certificate program to get the certificate
    • The learner will still get credit for components completed even if the certificate program is not completed

Who should you contact if you don’t see your credit in your NABP profile?

  • Contact the ACPE Provider directly. You can find a list of ACPE accredited providers and their contact informationHEREand Jointly Accredited providers HERE
  • If the issue can’t be resolved after contacting the provider, you can contact CPE Monitor at[email protected]

Who should you contact if you don’t remember your NABP e-PID or your e-Profile login? 

  • You should contact NABP at 847-391-4406 or at [email protected]
  • Please remember that your credit will be rejected by CPE Monitor if the provider does not have your correct NABP ePID information