Tofade T, Foushee L, Chou S, Eckel S, Caiola S. Evaluation of a Condensed Training Program to Introduce the Process of Continuing Professional Development. JPharm Pract. 2010; 23(6): 560-569.

This study assessed the effectiveness of a condensed CPD training program for training pharmacists. The training consisted of two hours of self study and homework and three hours of live programming, which included active learning sessions. Information contained in the training included the CPD process and learning plan, how to document CPD, how to implement it at work sites, and the refinement of participants’ learning plans and progress. Nineteen (19) pharmacists participated. Pre and post training surveys were used to determine the participants’ knowledge of the process of CPD as well as participants’ likelihood of CPD use. Results include information on participants’ opinion of the training length, areas for improvement in the training, participants’ familiarity with CPD and effectiveness of the training. The paper concluded that a condensed CPD training is perceived by pharmacists to be effective and efficient.