ACPE is the national agency for accreditation in pharmacy education in the United States and U.S. territories. ACPE sets standards for assuring and advancing quality in the education and continuing education of pharmacists to prepare them for the delivery of pharmacist-provided patient care. ACPE’s work extends collaboratively to include pharmacy technician education programs and reaches around the world through the quality certification of programs outside of the United States and territories.

ACPE communicates with stakeholders through a variety of media and venues. Recent proceedings, reports, newsletters, press releases, presentations, and webinars are available for public access:

ACPE Update Newsletter

CPD Newsletters

CPE Provider e-Update

The CPE Provider e-update is an electronic newsletter with news and updates from the ACPE staff and CPE Commission for accredited CPE providers.

ACPE ISP Newsletter

The ACPE International Services Program Newsletter is published twice a year to communicate updates and information about ISP activities, programs and leaders with stakeholders around the world who share an interest in assuring quality in pharmacy education globally.

Training Webinars

CPE Webinars and Workshops

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ISP Webinars

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