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ACPE’s Continuing Education Provider Accreditation Program is designed to assure pharmacists, boards of pharmacy, and other members of pharmacy’s community of interests, of the quality of continuing pharmacy education programs.

The purposes of the ACPE Continuing Education Provider Accreditation Program are to:

  • Assure and advance the quality of continuing pharmacy education, thereby assisting in the advancement of the practice of pharmacy
  • Provide pharmacists with a dependable basis for selecting accredited continuing education experiences
  • Provide a basis for uniform acceptance of continuing education credits among the states
  • Provide feedback to providers about their continuing education programs through periodic comprehensive reviews and ongoing monitoring activities with a need toward continuous improvement and strengthening

The ACPE Provider Web Tool is a secure, web-based application designed for ACPE-accredited providers to input CE activity related information for redistribution to the Pharmacists’ Learning Assistance Network (P.L.A.N.) and validation mechanism to CPE Monitor®. The provider will be able to:

  • Submit and update CE activity related information
  • Update contact information using the Provider Verification Form
  • Obtain the ACPE logo or Plan logo
  • Review accreditation history
  • Request changes in an activity description form
Providers can access the Provider Web Tool by clicking here.

Information to support providers’ use of the Web Tool can be accessed below:

ACPE CPE Activity and Credit Submission Process

Provider Web Tool User’s Guide – Describes how to use the ACPE Provider Web Tool. The intended audience for this document is ACPE-accredited providers.

PWT – User Process
PWT – Forms
PWT – Appendix

Provider Web Tool Tutorial – This webinar program demonstrates the use of the ACPE Provider Web Tool

Watch the Webinar

Provider Web Tool Quick Reference Guide

Download Guide

ACPE is the sole accreditation agency to accredit providers of continuing pharmacy education. ACPE’s directory is the only recognized directory of accredited providers of continuing pharmacy education.Many providers are involved in activities and functions other than the provision of continuing education. However, any activity for which the provider is offering continuing pharmacy credit has been developed and presented in compliance with the Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education.

These providers are continually monitored for maintenance of quality and efforts toward improvement. Participants in activities sponsored by these providers are encouraged to offer their comments and suggestions regarding activities to the provider and/or ACPE. The directory includes contact information and accreditation status and history for all ACPE-accredited providers. An (I) following a provider’s name indicates that the Provider is on Inactive Status. An asterisk (*) following a provider’s name indicates that the Provider is on probation as an accredited provider by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Providers that have decided to discontinue or that their accreditation status has been withdrawn in the past three years may be found here. ACPE hereby authorizes reproduction of the following listing.

Accredited Providers By Name
Accredited Providers By State
Accredited Providers By Number

ACPE hereby authorizes reproduction of the following listing.

Jointly Accredited Providers By Name
Jointly Accredited Providers By State
Jointly Accredited Providers By Number

ACPE and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) have developed a continuing pharmacy education (CPE) tracking service, CPE Monitor®, that authenticates and stores data for completed CPE units received by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from ACPE-accredited providers.

® and for tools and information for providers on how to use  CPE Monitor® please see below:

CPE Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

If you have additional questions please email cpemonitor@acpe-accredit.org

CPE Monitor® is a national, collaborative effort by ACPE and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to provide an electronic system for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to track their completed continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits. It offers state boards of pharmacy the opportunity to electronically authenticate the CPE units completed by their licensees, rather than requiring pharmacists and technicians to submit their proof of completion statements upon request or for random audits.
Yes, CPE Monitor® is required by all ACPE-accredited providers
The NABP e-profile is completed by the pharmacist and/or technician via the NABP web site. The pharmacist and/or technician will give the NABP e-PID number to the provider when registering and/or completing a CPE activity.
It is the responsibility of the pharmacist and/or technician to obtain and submit the correct NABP e-PID to the provider. The provider’s responsibility is to provide the information they have received to ACPE in electronic format. The pharmacist and/or technician will also be responsible to assure that the information in their profile is accurate; much like one checks their credit card bills or bank statements on line to verify proper records.
In the CPE Monitor® system, there is a process to communicate back to providers about any activities that failed validation in our system. Incorrect numbers, resulting in failed validation of activity, will require re-submission when the correct number is determined by the provider and participant.
The provider will not have a mechanism to look up the NABP e-PID number; it is the responsibility of the pharmacist and/or technician to provide the correct NABP e-PID number. The provider should suggest to the participant to go to the www.MyCPEMonitor.net or www.nabp.pharmacy site to query the system for their NABP e-PID number.
No, the pharmacist with multiple licenses will only need to complete the profile one time. In their e-profile there is a section where the participant may input all their license numbers. 
As the ACPE –accredited providers will not distribute paper CPE statements of credit of ACPE-accredited courses, the NABP/ACPE CPE Monitor system is expected to be the single repository of this information and will be maintained on licensees’ behalf and reported to state boards who request verification of CPE. Candidates who create a profile will be able to monitor the accuracy and completeness of their CPE information reported by ACPE-accredited providers, and can proactively contact the provider if their information is not properly reported.

Those who create a profile will also be able to access and print or download a record of ACPE-accredited CPE activities for their own records, or in cases where their licensing agency requires it.  If pharmacists/technicians do not create a profile, this information will not be collected on their behalf to report to the licensing board(s) as part of any CPE audit. This may have consequences efforts to maintain licensure in states where CPE compliance is required. We strongly encourage all licensees to create and maintain their CPE profiles to ensure that there are no difficulties when maintaining their pharmacist license or technician license/registration/certification.

For questions regarding profile creation and maintenance, as well as the reporting process to the state boards of pharmacy, please contact NABP Customer Service at 847/391-4406, Monday-Friday between 8:30 AM and 5 PM central time.
Please contact NABP directly. Please note that users are recommended to use Internet Explorer 9 and above for better results. 

Submitting Participant Data to ACPE

There are 3 mechanisms: manual, secured file transfer protocol, and web service. Please refer to the Technical Specifications document to review the detailed procedure.
No. Providers will be able to upload with one file multiple activities for multiple individuals.
No. When a batch is submitted, only that one record that does not match must be resubmitted. The 999 participants that match will pass through and be queued to be processed. The provider will only need to correct the single error-record.
Yes, there is a process to send a delete request (for an activity) and a new add/insert request for the correct activity (see the Technical Specification document, pages 68-84). Yes, you can download the exact data that you submitted to ACPE.
The provider must upload the participant information 60 days from the date of the participant completing the CPE activity. If the participant completes the enduring (home study) activity the date of expiration, the provider will have 60 days post-expiration date to upload the participant information.
ACPE staff and IT consultants will work with providers to inform them of the various options for uploading the data and help large providers understand what changes will be needed in their systems to accommodate the data transfer. If the provider chooses to distribute the statement of credit, the participant must be aware that this is not an official document. The credit must be awarded via CPE Monitor®.
If participants do not have an e-PID number (not licensed in the United States) then please submit the number of participants who receive ACPE credit in aggregate. If the participant does have an NABP e-PID, please upload their information as you would with other U.S.A licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
When using Google sheets,  one may save the sheet as a “.csv” (comma separated value) or “.txt” file (text file) and upload the comma separated value or text file.  The values in the text file must be comma separated.  Google Sheets also supports export or save as a Microsoft Excel document.  The link below shows how to save a file locally from Google sheets.


Time Allowed to Upload Information to ACPE

Providers will be able to upload participant information for the CPE activity up to 60 days post the date the participant completed the activity. Required Fields for Submission
Yes, as an ACPE-accredited provider you will have that authority to require these fields in order to award the credit or the participant will not receive the CE credit Verification of Participation in CPE Activities
It is the decision of the provider to choose the mechanism to verify the pharmacist and/or technician participation in the CPE activity and justify it to ACPE when the provider submits their comprehensive report for continued accreditation.
Validation process will still need to occur. Providers are responsible to make sure that the requirements for the credit are met by the pharmacists and/or technicians in order to receive credit.
Statements of credit should not be directly provided to participants.  The credit awarded should be uploaded to CPE Monitor®. If the participant would like a paper statement of credit, they may print it off their NABP e-profile.
If providers still distribute statements of credit, they need to inform their participants that it is not the official record.  The official record of credit will be the information in CPE Monitor®.
Yes, pharmacists and technicians will be able to print their transcript in its entirety and individual statements of credit from their NABP e-profile created at www.mycpemonitor.net or www.nabp.pharmacy.
ACPE will be working with providers to distribute information to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. On the ACPE web site, www.acpe-accredit.org, at the CPE Monitor web page we have material that providers can use to distribute to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. NABP will be sending information to the state boards of pharmacy regarding the service. 
No, this information will be on the www.MyCPEMonitor.net web site. ACPE and NABP believe that should be the responsibility of the pharmacists and or technician to submit the correct number to the provider. Participants will have the ability to query www.MyCPEMonitor.net for a forgotten NABP e-PID number.
Requests for use of the CPE Monitor® logo should be directed to NABP’s Communication Manager, Larissa Doucette at ldoucette@nabp.net or call 847-391-4468.

ACPE Coronavirus and COVID-19 content available to Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

A list of coronavirus-related content available for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can be found here.

ACPE Webinars on the Continuing Pharmacy Education Standards

ACPE offers a number of on demand webinars on the policies and procedures as well as the twelve CPE Standards to assist you in the application process. Information and access to these webinars can be found here.

ACPE’s Self-Assessment Preparation Webinar

This webinar gives current ACPE-accredited providers a guide to assist in the compilation of their materials for submitting their self-assessment report for their comprehensive review. Information and access to this Webinar can be found here.

Accreditation Review Forms

There are a number of forms that can support providers with their accreditation processes.

ACPE CPE Administrator Workshop

The workshop is scheduled for April 27-28, 2020 in Chicago is cancelled due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus. ACPE CE staff will schedule another workshop in the fall.

Please direct any questions regarding educational opportunities to ACPE CPE staff at ceinfo@acpe-accredit.org.


Upon review of provider compliance rates, it was noted that the following Standards had less than 50% provider compliance:
•Standard 1 – Mission and Goals
•Standard 2 – Educational Needs Assessment
•Standard 12 – Achievement and Impact of Mission and Goals

The Commission reviewed each of these standards and recommended modifications based on our evaluation results and provider feedback. The suggested changes included clarifying the requirements and streamlining the requested documentation within the standards, guidance, and evaluation rubric.

ACPE staff conducted webinars to discuss the updates on the Standards, Rubric and policies and procedures. Click here to download a copy of the webinar.

To download a copy of the ACPE Updated Standards, Rubric, and Policies Webinar Slide, please click here

To download a copy of the Flowchart for the Identification and Resolution of Personal Conflicts of Interest, please click here

ACPE’s Webinars on the CPE Standards

ACPE is committed to advancing the pharmacy profession through quality resources that offer professional development opportunities for CE professionals while strengthening provider programming. ACPE offers a number of on demand webinars on the policies and procedures as well as the eleven (11) CPE Standards. The ACPE webinars on the Continuing Pharmacy Education Standards are designed to provide a working knowledge of the ACPE accreditation process as it relates to continuing pharmacy education, including training and activities on the ACPE Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education and Policies and Procedures. All webinar fees are non-refundable. Please click here to browse our educational offerings today!

Accreditation Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education

Download Standards

Commendation Criteria for ACPE-accredited Providers Offering CPE

 Download Criteria

CPE Evaluation Form for all Standards

Download Evaluation Form – All Standards – Rubric v4.0

Definition of Continuing Pharmacy Education for the Profession of Pharmacy

Download Definition of Continuing Education
Download CAPE Outcomes
Download Pharmacy Technician Competencies
Download Guidance on CE for Pharmacy Technicians

CPE Policies and Procedures

Download Continuing Pharmacy Education Policies and Procedures

Joint Accreditation Standards

Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing EducationTM offers organizations the opportunity to be simultaneously accredited to provide medical, nursing, and pharmacy continuing education activities through a single, unified application process, fee structure, and set of accreditation standards. Joint Accreditation establishes the standards for education providers to deliver continuing education planned by the healthcare team for the healthcare team.
This distinction is awarded from 3 global leaders in the field of accreditation:
Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)
Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)
American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
To learn more about Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing EducationTM, please click here.

Process for ACPE Accreditation

Accreditation is the public recognition afforded a provider of continuing pharmacy education that is judged to meet standards through initial and subsequent periodic evaluations. The ACPE accreditation process for providers of continuing pharmacy education is designed to assure pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, boards of pharmacy, and others of the quality of continuing pharmacy education activities.

There are four ways that ACPE continuing education credit may be offered by an organization:

  1. The organization may apply to become an ACPE-accredited provider. If accredited, the provider would follow ACPE’s policies and procedures for an ACPE-accredited provider. The application fee is $6,750.00. Click to obtain a copy of the Initial Application in a .pdf file or in a Word file.
  2. The organization may enter into Joint Providership with an ACPE-accredited provider to offer a CPE activity. Facts regarding Joint Providership can be found here. The organization may contact an ACPE-accredited provider, express its desire to conduct a CPE activity and offer ACPE credit. If the ACPE-accredited provider agrees, the organization must comply with the ACPE-accredited provider’s procedures for Joint Providership.
  3. If the organization seeks accreditation as a provider of continuing education for the healthcare team, it may seek Joint Accreditation.
  4. State Boards of Pharmacy only: State Boards of Pharmacy design continuing education (CE) activities related to their rules and regulations. For a State Board of Pharmacy that designs, plans, and delivers CE activities, ACPE offers a process where ACPE credit may be awarded for these activities and transmitted into CPE Monitor®.  The State Board of Pharmacy must be administratively and operationally responsible for coordinating all aspects of the CE activities.

CE Activity Application for Boards of Pharmacy
Instructions for CE Activity Application