American College of Clinical Pharmacology


Haydee Barno

Director of Education

P.O. Box 1758

Ashburn, VA 20146

Tel: 571-291-3493

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In the 1960s, a group of eminent physicians formulated the concept of an organization dedicated to a new branch of pharmacology that dealt with the effectiveness and safety of drugs in man. As a result of their efforts, the American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP) was founded on September 11, 1969. The objectives of the College are to advance the science of clinical pharmacology in all its phases and to engage in appropriate educational efforts in the public interest.

Accreditation History

Review Cycle Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status
S2023 JA Review
S2020 JA Progress Report
S2019 JA Review Initial Accreditation Accredited
F2018 Comprehensive Review Extension granted Accredited
S2015 Interim Report Continued Accreditation Accredited
S2014 Interim Report Continued Accreditation Accredited
F2013 Interim Report Extension granted Approved
F2012 Comprehensive Review Continued Accreditation Accredited
F2007 Interim Continue Approval Approved
F2006 Petition Continue Approval Approved
S2006 Petition Extension Granted Approved
S2003 Interim Continue Approval Approved
S2000 Petition Continue Approval Approved
S1998 Progress Continue Approval Approved
S1997 Progress Continue Approval Approved
S1996 Initial Approval