Program(s)  Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
Address1 North Obhour
Address2   Makah
City   Jeddah 21442
Postal Code   P.O. Box 6231
Country   Saudi Arabia
Dean’s Name   Nehmat Ghaboura
Dean’s Title   Head of Pharmacy Program
Phone   +966 92 002 4666
Fascimile   +966 12 656 2415
Dean’s E-Mail [email protected]
Web Site
Notes   Previously the College was referred to as Batterjee Medical College on the ACPE website. As the College has multiple locations, the Branch at which the ACPE-certified program is located is now included in the name on the ACPE website.

International-Accreditation History and Scheduled Future Monitoring:

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Review Period Cycle Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status Term
2025-2026 Spring Comprehensive Visit
2024-2025 Fall Interim Report 06/30/2026
2023-2024 Fall Interim Report Affirmed International-Accreditation 06/30/2026
2022-2023 Fall Two-Years Post Certification Focused Visit* Continued International-Accreditation 06/30/2026
2022-2023 Fall Change of Status Redesignation of Status International-Accreditation 01/31/2023
2021-2022 Spring Interim Report Affirmed Certification
2021-2022 Fall Administrative Term Extension Term Extended (Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic) Certification
2020-2021 Spring Interim Report* Affirmed Certification
2019-2020 Spring Comprehensive Visit (for Initial Certification) Granted Certification
2019-2020 Spring Board Authorization of Initial Evaluation Visit Authorized Visit Initial Evaluation Visit Authorized

* Standard requirement for programs granted initial International-Accreditation