South Carolina College of Pharmacy

South Carolina College of Pharmacy

South Carolina College of Pharmacy

South Carolina College of Pharmacy


280 Calhoun Street, P.O. Box 250141 (Charleston)
715 Sumter Street, Coker Life Sciences Bldg. (Columbia)
Charleston/ Columbia, SC 29425/29208
Stephen J. Cutler, PhD and Philip Hall, PharmD,
Tel: 843-792-8450/803-777-4151
Fax: 843-792-9081/803-777-2775
E-Mail: cutler@sccp.sc.edu and hallpd@sccp.sc.edu
Web Site: www.sccp.sc.edu/

Branch Campuses

Greenville, SC

Detailed PharmD Accreditation History

Review Period Review Type Board Action Certification Status
2018-2019 Interim
2016-2017 Comprehensive
2015-2016 Focused

Columbia SC campus visit

2015-2016 Focused

Charleston SC Campus visit

2014-2015 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2012-2013 Focused – Status Continuation Continued Accredited
2011-2012 Changed Term
2010-2011 Interim
2010-2011 Focused Affirmed Accredited
2010-2011 Interim Affirmed Accredited
2009-2010 Comprehensive – Advancement to Accredited Granted Accredited
2008-2009 Focused – Continuation of Candidate Status Continued Candidate
2007-2008 Interim Affirmed Candidate
2006-2007 Comprehensive – Advancement to Candidate Granted Candidate
2005-2006 Comprehensive – Precandidate status Precandidate
2005-2006 Initial Application

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South Carolina College of Pharmacy