Knoer S, Carroll D, Lucas A. Using ASHP fellowship criteria as a template for continuous professional development. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2016;73:1777-9.

The pharmacy executives at the Cleveland Clinic utilized FASHP criteria as the foundation to a CPD initiative to foster employee engagement and further pharmacy practice. 12 individuals were involved in this initiative. A peer consultant was invited to help identify each individual pharmacist’s potential deficits in professional development and formulate action plans to tackle these areas for growth. The pharmacists were asked to update and forward their CV to the consultant, urging them to assess and reflect on their own progress in comparison to the FASHP requirements. Following an active review of the CV, the pharmacists and consultant together came up with an action plan to advance their professional development. In the post activity survey, participants agreed or strongly agreed that it was a positive learning experience and motivated them to raise their involvement in professional activities.