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Using continuing professional development with portfolio in a pharmaceutics course

Schneider J, O’Hara K, Munro I. Using continuing professional development with portfolio in a pharmaceutics course. Pharmacy. 2016;4(4):36. Students were introduced to the CPD model and stepwise approach in a flipped classroom format in pharmaceutics 3, a course offered over 12 weeks at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Using this knowledge gained, students assumed the [...]

Using ASHP fellowship criteria as a template for continuous professional development

Knoer S, Carroll D, Lucas A. Using ASHP fellowship criteria as a template for continuous professional development. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2016;73:1777-9. The pharmacy executives at the Cleveland Clinic utilized FASHP criteria as the foundation to a CPD initiative to foster employee engagement and further pharmacy practice. 12 individuals were involved in this initiative. [...]

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Making a curricular commitment to continuing professional development in Doctor of Pharmacy programs

Janke K, Tofade T. Making a curricular commitment to continuing professional development in Doctor of Pharmacy programs. Am J Pharm Educ. 2015;79(8):1-8. This statement describes the various skills involved in CPD and associated behaviors in order to help incorporate such experiences in the pharmacy curriculum. There are also several recommendations to take into consideration when [...]

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The Sustainability of Improvements from Continuing Professional Development in Pharmacy Practice and Learning Behaviors

McConnell KJ, Delate T, Newlon CL. The sustainability of improvements from continuing professional development in pharmacy practice and learning behaviors. Am J Pharm Educ. 2015;79(3):36. Using a 3-year posttrial online survey, this study evaluates the long-term sustainability of CPD practices among pharmacists who participated in an unblinded randomized controlled CPD trial. 79% of original study [...]

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Introduction of a Continuing Professional Development Tool for Preceptors: Lessons Learned

Tofade T, Kim J, Lebovitz L, et al. Introduction of a continuing professional development tool for preceptors: lessons learned. J Pharm Pract. 2015;28(2):212-9. Preceptors from seven pharmacy schools underwent CPD training to gain a better understanding of the process and how to implement it for their future students on rotation with them. Prerecorded ACPE podcasts [...]

The Responsibility of Advancing Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Education Globally

Tofade T, Duggan C, Rouse M, Anderson C. The responsibility of advancing continuing professional development and continuing education globally. Am J Pharm Educ. 2015;79(2):16. This editorial examines the roles and responsibilities of accrediting bodies, professional associations, educators, and healthcare professionals in advancing CPD. The authors reference FIP’s global CPD report and praise its recommendation for [...]

Staging a Reflective Capstone Course to Transition PharmD Graduates to Professional Life

Hobson EH, Johnston PE, Spinelli AJ. Staging a reflective capstone course to transition PharmD graduates to professional life. Am J Pharm Educ. 2015;79(1):14. This study looks at the implementation of a one credit-hour reflective capstone course for fourth-year student pharmacists at Belmont University. Between 2013 and 2014, 139 students completed the course, which consisted of [...]

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President’s Message: Life-Long Learning in Pharmacy: From CE to CPD

Shlom EA. President’s message: life-long learning in pharmacy: from CE to CPD. J Pharm Pract. Dec 2014;27(6):591-2. In this article, the President of the New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists (NYSCHP) identifies current pharmacist and pharmacy technician CE practices within the state of New York, including minimum CE hour requirements and a growing emphasis [...]

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US and International Health Professions’ Requirements for Continuing Professional Development

Tran D, Tofade T, Thakkar N, Rouse M. US and International Health Professions ’ Requirements for Continuing Professional Development. Am. J. Pharm. Educ. 2014;78(6):Article 129. This article provides a summary of a number of CPD requirements and CE practices in both leading CPD/CE countries, as well as a variety of health professions. The authors discuss [...]

New Practitioner Engagement in Continuous Professional Development

Pardo J, Armitstead J. New practitioner engagement in continuous professional development. American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacy. 2014; 71 (10) 788-789. This article relays the opinions of the authors on the benefits of using CPD. They briefly discuss the core principles of reflection, planning, learning and evaluation of CPD, which leads into an explanation of why [...]

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