CPD in Other Countries

Preparing Lifelong Learners for Delivering Pharmaceutical Care in an Ever-Changing World: A Study of Pharmacy Students

Khamis S, Abdi AM, Basgut B. Preparing lifelong learners for delivering pharmaceutical care in an ever-changing world: a study of pharmacy students. BMC Med Educ. 2020;20(1):502. A CPD simulation course was introduced to a cohort of fifth year students in Northern Cyprus in the 2018–2019 academic year. The program was delivered as an interactive orientation course [...]

Attitudes Towards Continuous Professional Development: A Study of Pharmacists in Lebanon

Saade S, Ghazala F, Farhat A, Hallit S. Attitudes towards continuous professional development: a study of pharmacists in Lebanon. Pharm Pract (Granada). 2018;16(1):1103. In this cross-sectional observational study, the authors sought to investigate the views, motivation, and attitudes towards mandatory CE, its transition to CPD, and identify barriers to participation in CPD. Of 591 pharmacists who [...]

Using continuing professional development with portfolio in a pharmaceutics course

Schneider J, O’Hara K, Munro I. Using continuing professional development with portfolio in a pharmaceutics course. Pharmacy. 2016;4(4):36. Students were introduced to the CPD model and stepwise approach in a flipped classroom format in pharmaceutics 3, a course offered over 12 weeks at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Using this knowledge gained, students assumed the [...]

The Responsibility of Advancing Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Education Globally

Tofade T, Duggan C, Rouse M, Anderson C. The responsibility of advancing continuing professional development and continuing education globally. Am J Pharm Educ. 2015;79(2):16. This editorial examines the roles and responsibilities of accrediting bodies, professional associations, educators, and healthcare professionals in advancing CPD. The authors reference FIP’s global CPD report and praise its recommendation for [...]

US and International Health Professions’ Requirements for Continuing Professional Development

Tran D, Tofade T, Thakkar N, Rouse M. US and International Health Professions ’ Requirements for Continuing Professional Development. Am. J. Pharm. Educ. 2014;78(6):Article 129. This article provides a summary of a number of CPD requirements and CE practices in both leading CPD/CE countries, as well as a variety of health professions. The authors discuss [...]

Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Education in Pharmacy: Global Report

International Pharmaceutical Federation – FIP (2014). Continuing professional development/continuing education in pharmacy: global report. The Hague, The Netherlands: International Pharmaceutical Federation. This article summarizes the findings of a global CPD survey conducted by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). The survey asked countries to identify their current CPD practices, including the current drivers at the national [...]

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